This mural is for the dreamer inside of all of us to never let go or forget our dreams and continue to strive toward them. Location corner of  Walgrove and Rose in Mar Vista, CA


i am

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Be Adventurous, Creative and open minded. Create is a piece that lives in constant creative exploration. As the woman gazed out behind the horizon she takes in and receives not only her presence in the present, but what is possible when living with an open mind an heart.

The galaxy coming from her mind is the possibility of adventure while the paper planes take us back to childhood creativity and imagination. Do you recall making paper airplanes? Maybe you believed you were the pilot and they would whisk you away to a far off place. When we are open to possibility anything can truly be: we can create, we can live, love and adventure. Are you ready for your grand adventure?


Hope / Wish

Without action that wishful thinking is just that, a wish with a dash of hope. Located at 2620 N. Broadway Avenue, Lincoln Heights, CA.

Imagine / Create

It takes a little imagination to spark a day of creation.  We took 40 @att employees and put them through a crash course in mural painting. Together we painted a 250 foot mural at Mark Twain Middle School in Mar Vista, CA. Imagine the inspiration this is creating in the lives of these students, their parents and the faculty.This project was made possible and sponsored by @att. Thank you for creating new paintspiration and beautifying this school with us. Shout out to @sergiomiguel2’s amazing vision with his Beautify Education Program  bringing art to these schools, the children and faculty that attend them. 


Begin with Gratitude

Anything Can Happen


Buena Vida

Love Wall



As friendly reminder to slow down and take a breath. Located at Urban Exhale Yoga, 728 North La Brea, Los Angeles, CA

Be humble