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Beautify Earth

Beautify Earth (BE) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of eliminating urban blight, by “painting the world in color,” and reimagining every bland wall into a canvas for inspiring urban creations. BE empowers artists, businesses, communities, and municipalities through action. The transformative power of art further inspires, motivates and instills pride in the community. Increased business revenue, massive community participation, and the “stop-and-look” effect of murals help to stimulate the local economy. BE continues to show that when art becomes the norm in place of urban blight, the world is a happier, more colorful, and peaceful place.





When is the last time you had to dig deep to find courage from within to express yourself and share your truth?  This is a collaboration with 7th grader Jimena's winning BE Art Project  piece and together we spent the day turning her work into a large scale mural at her school the Sandra Cisneros Learning Academy. 

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