Imagine a world where every blank wall is an opportunity for an artist to shine, to spark a conversation and inspire change.


Ruben Rojas is an artist, social impact entrepreneur, and co-founder of Beautify Earth. Born and Raised in Los Angeles, CA, he is inspired by the urban landscape and culture of media that surrounds him. Through murals, paintings, corporate programs, and community activations, Ruben seeks to change the way we view the world through art and collaboration. His murals act as beautiful interruptions to the saturation of negative messaging that bombards the urban landscape. In their place, he brings messages of love that inspire social change and transform communities. Through paint and an intention to spark mass creativity, Ruben’s art shifts conversations and invites his viewers to release negativity, move through fear, and choose love.

Ruben has painted in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Mississippi and for many private clients. Apart from his custom work he has been commissioned by Zappos, American Express, Heineken, Lululemon, Reebok, the City of Santa Monica, and various other established businesses and startups. Through his work he hopes to inspire communities by beautifying beige walls into something unique and empowering, that reshapes self-limiting conversations and uplifts our world.  



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